ISIS Using Children as Human Shield: Activist


Baghdad: Facing heavy losses and casualties in recent months, the ISIS terrorists are using children as human shields to protect themselves from the continuous Iraqi army and popular forces’ attacks in Makhoul and Shirqat regions in Salahuddin Province.

“The terrorist groups have recently stationed 150 under-15 children, a number of them disabled, as human shields at crossroads and certain important and sensitive positions of Makhoul in Salahuddin Province and Shirqat near Nineveh province,” Safa al-Tamimi, a spokesman of Saraya al-Salam group affiliated to the Sadr movement, said on Sunday.

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“This clearly shows that the terrorist groups have resorted to using children and the disabled after sustaining heavy casualties in the Iraqi security and popular forces’ attacks, which shows ISIS’s weakness and vulnerability and is a failure for the terrorist group,” he added.

His remarks came as the purging operations in Salahuddin Province started one and a half months ago and the Iraqi army plans to expand the range of its operations to Shirqat, in the Northern parts of the province, to free the region.

The recent victories of the Iraqi army and popular forces against the ISIS in various parts of Iraq, including Salahuddin, Anbar and Nineveh provinces, have incited the terrorists to intensify their blind attacks on the civilian targets.