ISIS Threaten Neymar & Messi After Drawing Up Execution Images Ahead Of WC


Moscow: Neymar and Lionel Messi appear to have been threatened by Islamic State after a sick picture has emerged on twitter. The horrifying photoshopped image shows a terrorist stood behind a crying Neymar on his knees with his hands tied behind his back beside an ISIS flag and Messi who appears to have been executed.

A new photoshopped image has emerged from pro ISIS groups threatening Neymar and Messi.The tweet came from a pro-ISIS group and was shared by Iranian news site YJC who wrote: “ISIL’s threatening poster within a few months of the world cup Russia 2018. After Messi and the this time Neymar’s turn.”

The new poster comes days after ISIS mouthpiece Wafa Media Foundation circulated a picture of Messi crying blood from behind bars.

Threats from the terror group continue to build in a bid to spread fear among football fans heading to the World Cup that will be held next year across 11 Russian cities.

A photoshopped image emerged showing a terrorist clutching an AK47 next to sticks of dynamite looking over the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow – the home of the World Cup final on July 15 2018.

A propaganda poster of Messi crying blood behind bars emerged earlier this week.
Another depicts an armed jihadist edited on to a backdrop of the World Cup logo with the words “wait for us” in Arabic.

With parts of Russia rife with ISIS supporters, authorities are taking the threats to the event seriously.

Tens of thousands of English footy fans are expected flock to St. Petersburg for the month-long finals tournament.

Russia’s second largest city is no stranger to terrifying attacks after a briefcase bomb detonated on the underground in April killing 14 people in an ISIS claimed attack.