ISIS Release Posters Targeting Taj Mahal


New Delhi: An international terror outfit has released some graphic images which point out their next possible target in India. A pro-ISIS media group published a graphic depicting Taj Mahal, India’s famous heritage site as a next possible target of the terror outfit. The India Intelligence agencies are not taking the threat lightly and local police officials had also increased vigilance near Taj Mahal, which attracts a large number of tourists every year.


According to some reports, the graphic which has an image of Taj Mahal in the backdrop with an ISIS terrorist standing next to it was posted by the Ahwaal Ummat Media Center, said the Site Intelligence Group, which tracks worldwide terror activities on the web.

The graphic has been released almost a week after Indian agencies carried out combing operation in Uttar Pradesh in which one accused – Saifullah – was killed and six others were arrested. It was reported that Saifullah was brainwashed by ISIS through online medium and had carried out an attack in Bhopal.

The graphic features an ISIS fighter wearing combat fatigues and black headgear armed with an assault rifle and a Kalashnikov standing near Taj Mahal, a 17th-century monument of love constructed by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in Agra.

The graphic also features three inset – an image of Taj Mahal within crosshairs with the words “New Target” below it, a van with with the Arabic text “Agra istishhadi” (Agra martyrdom-seeker) written in English, implying the threat of a suicide bombing, and an image of a “bomb”.

This is not the first time when the ISIS group has threatened to carry out attacks in India. A day after Saifullah was killed by Lucknow ATS, a pro-ISIS group had conveyed their message through social media platform in which they said to carry out an attack in India.

The pro-ISIS channel had also posted a picture of Saifullah and described as a “soldier of the Khilafah from India”.

However, the Uttar Pradesh police said they are yet to ascertain any direct links of Saifullah with the ISIS. They noted that the photo of Saifullah posted by the pro-ISIS channel was released by the UP police. The cops also said that Saifullah was “self-radicalised”.

Some reports suggest that some 75 Indians have so far joined the ISIS and out of which 45 went from India, mostly from Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka, whereas some Indians were living abroad. In last one year, around 37 Indians were arrested while they were making their way to ISIS-controlled territories.