ISIS, Pakistani Flags Resurface In Kashmir


Srinagar: In yet another instance of utter anti national display on Indian soil, ISIS and Pakistani flags were unfurled again on Friday near Jamia Masjid in Srinagar.

There have been several incidents of raising of ISIS and Pakistani flag in the Kashmir valley in recent months. As many as 12 youths have been identified by security agencies for allegedly raising the flag of Middle-East terror group ISIS in J&K in the recent past.

"The 12 youths were behind almost all incidents where ISIS flags were raised in Kashmir. We are keeping a close eye on all of them," a senior official said. The BJP-PDP government in Jammu and Kashmir has so far refrained from taking any concrete steps to stop the anti-national actions.

On the other hand protester demanding AIIMS in Jammu has clashed with the police.