ISIS may attack on ‘Independence Day’


Washington: According to an International media as July 4 is near the ISIS might launch a terror attack on U.S, feels the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement authorities. The concern has kept the intelligence on their toes and the U.S. security authorities have thought od taking all possible step to prevent such a terror operation.

 The threat “is based on both intelligence and analysis,” the intelligence and law enforcement sources said, declining to go into detail.

The threat has been analysed on the part of the “new normal” of ISIS planning. It is also reported that the ISIS terrorists have taken to the social media to encourage followers worldwide to participate in this deadly operation.

After the series of terror attacks in places like France, Kuwait, Tunisia and Syria, the message has been strong enough to shake the U.S. intelligence which promises to be one of the best intelligence agencies in the Globe.

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