ISIS expelled from Al-Baghdadi Town


Washington: With the help of US Marines, Iraqi government force and Shi’ite militia have taken the town of Al-Baghdadi. They had sweep out the IS marauders from western Iraqi town of Al-Baghdadi. ISIS had taken Al-Baghdadi, a small town located on the Euphrates River in Western Iraq. The town, which was taken over by ISIS last month, is situated about 8 km from a military base, where hundreds of US Marines are camping now. This US troops basically trained the newly organized Iraqi army.

US administration said, the Iraqi security forces and militias from the Anbar region had successfully cleared the ISIS from Al-Baghdadi. They recovered three Euphrates River Bridge and also the police stations held by ISIS. The US ground forces were not directly taking part in the battle, but gave the logistical and operational support to the Iraqi forces. “The coalition supported the operation with surveillance assets, advised and assisted our teams”, said Iraqi military HQ officials. Under the ISIS butchers, Al-Baghdadi faced havoc destruction. No American Marine was hurt in the assaults. It was feared that the proximity of the military base may increase their casualties, which US army faced in several unconventional conflicts in various regions of the world.