ISIS Celebrate Brussels Attack, Threat To Bring More ‘Dark Days’


Damascus: After claiming the responsibility of the attacks in Brussels that killed more than 30 people, ISIS has threatened to bring “dark days” in the countries trying to bring down the militant organisation.

In a statement ISIS said a “secret cell of soldiers” had launched the attack. The statement was published in Arabic and French, and an English translation was provided by the SITE Intelligence Group.

“We vow to bring dark days to the crusader nations that have allied themselves against the Islamic State, in response to their aggression against our state,” the statement read.

The terrorist organisation said, “what awaits you will be even harsher, even more bitter, by the permission of Allah”. It also released photos showing the fighters in Syria giving candies to children to celebrate the Brussels attacks, reports The Independent.

Belgium’s Interior Minister Jan Jambon revealed that authorities knew about some kind of an extremist act being prepared in Europe but were unaware and surprised by the scale of it.

During a house search in the Brussels neighborhood of Schaerbeek a nail bomb was found. Investigators also found chemical products and an Islamic State flag. The search began after a tip from the driver who claims to have ‘unwittingly dropped the bombers to the airport’.

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