ISI Uses Social Media To Spread Defamatory Lies About India


New Delhi: Pakistan’s spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) is using social media to propagate hatred against India. In the era of smartphones and social media, the ISI is using the fake profiles on Twitter and Facebook as part of its malicious campaign to spread defamatory lies about India.

The spy agency is believed to have created around 5,000 fake Twitter and Facebook accounts as part of its nefarious design to spread its messages across the world. The intelligence agency is using the fake profiles with real pictures of world leaders as well as Baloch leaders.

Baloch leader Harbyar Marri came forward to unmask the intelligence agency. Marri alleged that ISI is using his pictures and look alike profile to propagate hatred. He has urged people to be aware of the criminal conspiracy of the intelligence agency which is abetting and funding terrorism across the globe.

He added that the military intelligence of Pakistan army is using the twitter accounts with the Baloch surnames to tarnish India’s image in the world forum. The Baloch leader clarified that the people of Balochistan can never use such derogatory words against India and this propaganda is being done by the Pakistan government and its puppets.