ISI Agent Aijaz Reckied Agra Cant Seven Times


New Delhi: Bolstering the threat of a possible terror strike on military installations in Agra, arrested Pakistani spy Aijaz revealed that he had visited Agra at least seven times to gather information about the military movements in the area.

According to the sources, the captured agent had stayed in Agra for long periods and conducted reconnaissance of the Agra Army Headquarter, which is the home of India’s only 50th (I) Para Brigade. Several maps of crucial army installations have also been recovered from him as well as videos of the landing of Mirage-2000 aircrafts on the Yamuna Expressway.

সাতবার আগ্রায় এসেছিল আইএসআই চর আজিজ

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The captured agent has also confessed that he had transmitted vital movement reports of the army units in Agra to his handlers in Pakistan and had even developed sleeper cells in the city. Intelligence agencies are now hoping to uncover all these sleeper cells before they could be activated, now that Aijaz has been caught.

Notably, Agra is a very important base for both the Army as well as the Air Force and the base has played key role in all major military campaigns conducted by India, including the overnight ending of the LTTE-led coup in Maldives, in which the paratroopers from Agra did a very commendable job.

Currently, the Agra Air Force base is the biggest Air-Transport base in India where aircrafts like AN-32, IL-76, IL-78 and C-130J operate regularly, apart from MI series of helicopters. Agra is also the country’s primary air-to-air refuelling station, being the base of the IL-78 squadron. The country’s first AWACS, fitted on a modified IL-76 aircraft was also deployed here.

Talking to India Today, Sami Agai of Bharat Muslim Vikas Parishad said that Aijaz could have been falsely implicated as evidence like this could be planted on anyone whom the intelligence agencies wanted to target. He said that when the landing videos of military aircrafts on the Yamuna expressway were freely available on YouTube, there was no sense in claiming that Aijaz was in possession of these videos.

He said that the intelligence agencies look at all Muslims as either ISI agents of terrorists. The Ajmer blasts had also been attributed to Muslims at first, but investigation revealed that the RSS was involved in it.