IS Using Pigeons To Deliver Messages Outside ‘Caliphate’


Damascus: Islamic State is using homing pigeons to deliver messages to operatives outside of its “caliphate”, it has emerged. Jordanian troops captured a homing pigeon sent by Isil fighters in Iraq to a person in neighboring Jordan with a letter addressed to him, the commander of the country’s border guard told a press conference.

While Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) is known for its social media, Brig. Gen Saber al-Mahayreh said the extremist group was also using much more low-tech devices to try to get messages out.

“The jihadists tied a letter with a phone number to the foot of the bird, which was flying to a Jordanian resident,” he said. Isil leaders are increasingly worried about having their communications intercepted by the US-led coalition.