IS to Pay Rs 7 Lakh To Hackers From India


New Delhi: The Islamic State is desperately looking for Indian youths who can hack the governments’ data and pass on to the crucial information to them. ISIS handlers are contacting such youths through Twitter and Facebook.

According to a report in the Mail Today, the terror group is willing to shell out as much as $60,000 for every government information which is passed on to them. Quoting Kislay Choudhary, a cyber crime expert, the report said there are various underground communities online where hackers interact regularly. The handlers make lucrative offers for stealing government data. He said that ISIS is making such offers to spread its reach in the country.

Choudhary further added that stealing government data is part of Islamic State’s exercise to formulate their strategy against India. He said that ISIS has contacted over 30,000 young techies from India so far and some may have already grabbed the opportunity.

There are several profiles of handlers on Twitter and Facebook which are being used to spew venom against India and attract prospective recruits. They generally contact youngsters from minority community who have some dissent against the system and government.