Is Partha De the modern Oedipus Rex?


Kolkata: After Partha De gets established as a ‘Psycho’ who has resemblance with the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie, the latest developments of 3 Robinson Lane might well tag him and take him back to the pages of Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex. Partha De in some of the chapters of his diary has called her mother ‘extremely beautiful’. Now, keeping up with the morbidity and the other facts, the detectives feel that this is just not a sign of tender motherly love, but there might be other sexual overtones associated with it. In many sections of his personal diary, Partha’s love and affinity for his mother come up in leaps and bound. He had even said to the cops that after the death of his mother in 2007, things fell apart. He had given up his well to do job and started spending time at the dark house lamenting the loss and death of his mother.

Now, according to psycho analysis, this is a clear evidence of unnatural or disturbed psychosis. Partha’s diary had even revealed that that sometimes, his mother forced him to have sexual encounters with the maid of the house. He has even said that his mother had thought of him to be impotent and thus, asked him to get sexually attracted to the house maid. Well, off the situation, such things give a clear picture of how sexuality prevailed in the rooms of 3 Robinson Lane at Shakespeare Sarani. The family was sexually inclined to each other no doubt, as Debjani had asked her brother Partha for sexual favours while being at Digha.

Sexual inclinations often get Machiavellian traits. Here a person tries to uphold someone by demeaning others. Partha De has brought serious charges against his grandmother saying that she always favoured his uncle and not his father in terms of dividing their ancestral property.Now, a rift between the wife and the mother in law is pretty much evident in the middle class house hold. It is a common tendency to stand for the mother and Partha De not being an exception falls in the tradition of the psychotics. Refering to Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalytic experts say that it is not merely demeaning the grandmother and speaking foul against her. There might be some chords of Oedipus-instinct that still prevail in Partha that makes his sub conscious praise his mother demeaning his grandmother.

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