Is Laxman Seth Joining Congress? Speculation Sparks


Tamluk: Speculation sparked after the resignation of the heavyweight leader Laxman Seth from Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday. Questions that have arise in the meantime- Is is joining Congress party? However, there are also possibilities of his joining in Trinamool Congress if he gets the green signal from the ruling party of the state.

“BJP don’t have any strategy. There is no place to work. They are always busy in creating religious turmoil. There is no direction of any kind of developmental work staying beside the common man,” claiming this on Sunday, Laxman Seth left the Saffron brigade. Since then the speculation has sparked. Whether he will create a new party? Or join any other party?

When quizzed about this the former BJP leader said that, “Congress party is a secular party. Have spoken with their national and state leaders.” But he has left the whole matter upon his followers. Based on their discussion, everything will be informed in next few days, said Laxman Seth.

The CPI (M) leaders who expelled him from the party earlier are now the Congress supporters. Then will he be able to exist in this party? Seth said that he wanted to talk with Minister Subhendu Adhikary but it was not possible.

The leader of the newly released Garuda Shibir said that it was not possible to talk to the minister Shuvendu Adhikari. So, there is possibilities of his joining in Congress.