IS executes 16 Iraqi traders at Baiji

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Baghdad:The Islamic State group has executed 16 Iraqi traders taking food from the city of Baiji to the government-controlled western city of Haditha, officials said on Monday. “Daesh executed 16 Haditha traders last night,” the mayor of the city, Abdelhakim al-Jughaifi, told AFP by phone.

“The victims were transporting mostly food goods, such as vegetables, from Baiji to Haditha,” he said. Baiji, which lies on the Tigris about 200 kilometres north of Baghdad, is under IS control. Haditha, which sits on the Euphrates about 130 kilometres southwest, is the last major city in the province of Anbar still under government control. “They were stopped at a checkpoint and abducted,” the mayor said.”They then executed them, some by shooting them, others by slitting their throats.” He said Haditha residents found the bodies on the road and were able to bring them back.

A police lieutenant colonel confirmed the 16 executions. The victims were buried today, several sources said.