Is East-West Metro Work Behind Collapse Of Majerhat Bridge ?


Kolkata: Maintenance standing before a question after the collapse of Majerhat bridge. Now the question is who will take responsibility after the mishap. Indian Railway or Public Works Departments (PWD). According to Nabanna source, many layers of argument sparked after mishap. Silence is the only answer for now.

The memory of Posta Bridge Collapse has been rejuvenated after the collapse of Majerhat bridge. The middle part has been separated from the entire part. Though the locals have raised the demand of maintenance many days ago. But administration did not show urgency in such demand. So the sudden collapse of Majerhat Bridge is the consequence of such ignorance. The rescue work running in rapid speed. Expectedly many people are stuck in the debris. But the fear is still alive as rest of the bridge part hanging dangerously.

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Though PWD claimed that they are not responsible for the maintainence rather Indian Railway. But Railway did not accept this. A Nabanna Official said Majerhat bridge constructed 40 years before. the work for East-West Metro is running in a very less gap with the bridge. The excavation for constructing pillar was going for past few months.

In past few days, drilling machines were using in underground so soil may lose the tightness. it can be a major reson behind the mishap. The metro authority have shown confidence that their is no infrastructural or functional problem in the work process.