Is Dead ‘Man-Eater Avni’ The Real Avni?


Kolkata: Soon after Maharashtra’s man-eating tigress Avni was killed, protests erupted nationwide against it. Protests also emerged in various social media platforms. Animal lovers have only one question – why was the tigress not captured instead of killing. The pictures of carcass went viral on social media, and these pictures have led to more controversy.

The tigress who has been killed and is being claimed as ‘Avni’ is really Avni?

মৃত ‘অভনী’ কি আদৌ অভনী নয়? এ কী শাক দিয়ে মাছ ঢাকা?

On this we spoke to Chief forest officer of West Bengal Ravikanta Sinha. He said, “The breasts of a tigress, who feeds her milk to her babies, should be visible. It is natural for almost all the tigresses who feeds to her cubs.”

The pictures released after Avni’s death shows her stomach. But the nipples of her breasts are not visible. A tigress is supposed to have 10 nipples. The breasts of those tigresses, who feeds their cubs, can be seen with the naked eye. But in the picture of the dead tigress, not a single nipple were visible. The tigress’ stomach is visible in all the pictures released, but not a single nipple can be seen in those pictures.

Mr. Ravikanta said that sometimes nipples are not visible due to low light. If the tigress did not eat for one week, then also her nipples will not be visible. After this, the Chief forest officer was informed that the picture was clear and had ample light and hence bright. Then he replied that if the picture is clear then the nipples should be visible.

This issue has been noted by several animal lovers. Even if the tigress did not eat for a week, still the nipples near her chest should have been visible. Tiger lover from Burdwan Dibyendu Dubey raised this question through his facebook post.

However, the post-mortem report is yet to come.

Reporting By: Suparna Sinha Roy
Editing By: Saheli Dey