Is Cyclone ‘Titli’ Heading Towards Bengal?


Kolkata: Even after landfall, Titli will bring dangerous flooding and gusty winds to parts of India and Bangladesh into the weekend.

The storm rapidly strengthened to a very sever cyclonic storm on Wednesday before making landfall early Thursday morning.Despite losing wind intensity as it moved over land, Titli will still bring hazardous weather conditions to the region into the weekend.

On Friday, there is a possibility of light rain in most parts of the state of West Bengal. And Malda in North Bengal, and rain in North and South Dinajpur.

Places at risk for impacts include States of Odisha and Bengal and parts of neighboring country Bangladesh. Titli had unleash torrential rainfall and intense winds on far northeast Andhra Pradesh and Odisha on Wednesday onward.

Total rainfall of 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) is expected through late Saturday. The storm will turn northeast on Friday and into the weekend, taking it across the rest of Odisha, West Bengal and Bangladesh with additional downpours.

West Bengal and Bangladesh will dodge much of the stronger winds, remaining well away from the center of Titli until several days after landfall.

This tropical rainfall later this week, in addition to more rain from Titli for the weekend, will elevate the risk for flooding, mudslides and travel disruptions. A period of tranquil weather will follow the storm early next week, providing good conditions for any recovery efforts.