IS Could Target England Fans At Euro 2016


England: England footie fans who kit themselves out as medieval knights at Euro 2016 could be targeted by ISIS because they look like crusaders. ISIS use the term “crusader” to describe their enemies in the West such as Britain and the US.

The crusades were a series of military campaigns waged by Christian nations in the Muslim-dominated Holy Lands in the 11th century. Fancy dress knight outfits are popular with English footie fans when they support the Three Lions at tournaments such as the Euros.

Earlier this week cops unearthed an ISIS plot to attack England supporters during the tournament later this month. Fanatics were allegedly planning to deploy suicide bombers armed with guns to attack fans in Marseilles.

Cops have said they unearthed information on a laptop used by Salah Abdeslam – the suspected mastermind of the Paris and Brussels attacks – which outlined a plan to attack England supporters at the match against Russia on June 11.

Chris Doyle, director of the Council For The Advancement of Arab-British Understanding, has said knight outfits could make some people targets.

He told the Daily Star: “England fans will go out to France and have fun and dress up.  “I’m sure they intend no ill will and I don’t think one should expect them to be aware of historical and cultural connotations.”