IS Claims Attack, Releases Pictures Of 5 Attackers


Dhaka: After almost 12-hours of military operation and with the death of 20 hostages at Dhaka’s upscale restaurant Holey Artisan Bakery, Islamic State (ISIS) group has claimed the responsibility of the deadly attack carried out by six armed. Few hours after the attack, ISIS also posted the picture of five attackers on its official mouthpiece Amaq. The five attackers who seems to have entered their 20′s can be seen smiling.

As soon as the siege ended on Saturday afternoon, ISIS’s ‘news agency’ Amaq claimed the responsibility by uploading pictures of its fighters participated in the terror strike. The news has also been confirmed by US-based Site Intelligence Group, who also shared the image through their officials twitter handle.

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The statement issued by ISIS said that it targeted the citizens of “Crusader countries” in the capital, in Dhaka. The statement resembled previous circular issued by the extremist group.

 The terrorists are identified as Abu Salmah al-Bengali, Abu Rahim al-Bengali, Abu Muharib al-Bengali, Abu Omar al-Bengali, and Abu Muslim al-Bengali, reports Site Intelligence Group. By name it seems that the attacker’s (who look like a teenager) hail from Bangladesh’s ISIS wing. It seems that the picture of five attackers was taken few days before the ISIS operatives attack the restaurant. These five attackers have been gunned down and report suggest that one of the attacker has been caught alive whose picture has not been shared by the extremist group.

On Friday night six heavily armed terrorist entered the upscale cafeteria located in diplomatic area of Gulshan and killed 20 hostages, including an Indian girl Tarushi Jain. The total death toll had reached to 28 which also included two policemen who were killed when the attack started.

Italian Foreign Minister confirmed that nine Italian nationals along with some US nationals and Japanese citizens were killed during the siege. The attackers reportedly asked everyone to recite verses of Quran, and if they failed to do so they were killed.

Friday’s attack is one of the biggest terror strike by ISIS on the soil of Bangladesh which holds a large number of moderate Muslim population. The Indian Intelligence agencies are also keeping a close watch on the development as it is a matter of concern for both the countries.

Following the attack, Kolkata, a city close to Bangladesh’s border has been kept on high alert. Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina condemned the attack and said security officials arrested one of the attackers alive.