IS Celebrates Brussels Attack


Damascus: In the immediate aftermath of explosions at Brussels’ biggest airport and a subway in the city center, Islamic State supporters took to social media to celebrate the terror attack and threaten more violence.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts, which killed at least 28 and injured many more.
“With the permission of God, the lions came to take revenge for the killing of Muslims in Syria and Iraq,” one supporter of the terror group posted on Twitter, Vocativ reported.

“#Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah then this is our response,” another supporter claimed.

Another shared a graphic image that appeared to show a man who was wounded in the attack and touted “Allahu Akbar,

#Belgium_is_on_fire_from -explosives,” according to Vocativ.

A prominent supporter on an Islamic State forum called on other supporters to change their Twitter profile pictures to images showing feet stomping on the Belgian flag and urged loyalists to use a hashtag declaring Mosul’s revenge against Brussels, “the capital of infidels.”