Is Archana Murdered Over ‘Extra-Marital Affair’ ?


Kolkata: The accused could not get identified behind the mysterious murder of Bidhannagar woman. After interrogating the family members and the friends, police has accumulated information which are unveiling many shades.

Archana Palangdar filed a FIR against husband and in-laws family. Speaking on the FIR, her husband said that “Somebody provoked her to do the FIR.” But could not give any reference. On the other hand, she has got set of new friends in last few days. Police is looking for them too.

The corpse of the woman was recovered from the western canal in Anandapur police station area on Thursday night. There is a pump house in the area. The pump house staffs noticed that there was a body folded in a plastic bag and they informed the police. Police reached the spot and recovered the body. According to the police, the deceased’s age is between 26 years to 28 years.

After the body was recovered, police officials said that no external injuries were found in the body of the deceased, but the way it was found wrapped in a plastic bag has made the police to suspect something foul.

The body was sent for autopsy. Police officials said they received initial reports that proves that the woman was strangled to death. Meanwhile, police has started investigation in this incident.