Irony: Bhai Inaugurated Driving School In Dubai


Mumbai: Irony lies here. Controversy’s favourite child Salman Khan is in news again.
This time social sites also making funs and posting jokes though Bhai has an uncountable fan followers. Salman Khan inaugurated the driving centre in Dubai.

Everyone knows well that if you are Salman Khan, you don’t need to drive a car. The car drives itself to the court, stands on the dock and then takes the blame for crimes you are accused of. And now, if you live in Dubai, even you can flaunt such amazing driving skills.

According to media report, the Bollywood star inaugurated a driving centre in Dubai recently. The driving school is owned by Saif Ahmad Belhasa. His son is 15-year-old Rashed aka Money Kicks, is the youngest billionaire active on the social media site. And now, if you live in Dubai, even you can flaunt such amazing driving skills.

We all know that when in comes to driving, road safety, cars and so on, Bhai is the last word. In 2002, Salman had allegedly – under the influence of liquor – ran his car over people sleeping on the pavement in Mumbai, killing one person and injuring four others.

Later, he was acquitted of all charges by the Bombay high court because the prosecution “failed to prove the charges against Khan on all counts”. Jokes and jibes are flying on social media on this bizarre development.

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