Iraqi Forces Kill 42 Islamic State Terrorists


Baghdad: 42 ISIL terrorists were killed and several others were wounded after the Iraqi police stormed the terrorist group’s hideouts across at least four neighborhoods of the capital city of Baghdad, Iraq’s anti-Terrorism Joint Command Center said Tuesday.

“The ISIL hideouts in the neighborhoods of Albu Shajel, al-Na’eimiyah, al-Karamah and Jazem al-Taqsim were stormed by the Iraqi police,” the center said, adding, “In addition to a heavy death toll inflicted on the terrorist group, their military equipment, weapons and explosive devices were also damaged in the attacks.”

“The seventh division of the police arrested one of the key bombers of the ISIL and that 22nd brigade of the Iraqi police defused a large number of explosive devices planted by the ISIL terrorist in Davoud al-Hassan region north of Baghdad,” the source further added.

“In the meantime, residents of al-Sharaqat in Salahuddin Province raided one of the gathering centers of the ISIL terrorists and killed or wounded several of them,” the police went on to say.