Iraqi Air Force Hits Terrorist Positions in Ramadi


Ramadi:The Iraqi air force has dealt a heavy blow to the remaining pockets of Takfiri terrorist group in the central city of Ramadi on Wednesday. The Iraqi aircraft repelled a terrorist attack on the army’s ground troops, killing 16 of the terrorists, including all their bombers, Iraqi satellite channel Alsumaria News reported.

According to Army General Ismail al-Mahlawi, four bomb-laden ISIL vehicles were also destroyed during the counteroffensive.

Ramadi, which is the capital of the country’s sprawling Anbar Province, fell to ISIL back in May 2015. Iraqi military and volunteer forces liberated the city late last year. It, however, remains to be cleansed of the remnants of terror group, which has been ravaging Iraq since June 2014.

Iraqi security and volunteer forces also conducted an anti-terrorist operation northeast of provincial capital Baqubah in the nearby Diyala Province.

According to Diyala police commander, Brigadier General Jassim al-Saadi, the operation led to the discovery of a Daesh hideout as well as a massive cache of explosives belonging to the group and booby traps laid by it.