Iraq Forces Kill Senior ISIS Members


Baghdad: Iraq’s army forces, backed by volunteer fighters, have killed senior members of the ISIS Takfiri terrorist group in the northern and western parts of the country.

According to local media reports, a unit of the Iraqi army backed by the air force and fighters of the Popular Mobilization Units, launched an onslaught on a prison run by the terrorist group in the major militant-held city of Mosul, killing Abu al-Bara Checheni, the head of the jail.

A local source in the province of Salahuddin also said the body of one of the influential women in the ISIL terrorist group has been discovered in a deserted house. It was said that the woman, known as Um Zaki, had been beheaded.

Reports also said that the woman worked in one of the intelligence centers of Daesh in the area of Sharqat. Elsewhere, Iraqi forces killed another senior ISIL member, known as Abu Masab, in the northern part of Ramadi, the provincial capital of the restive province of Anbar.

In addition, clashes between Iraqi forces and Daesh militants in the city of Samarra led to the killing of nearly 70 militants and the liberating of Saiylu and Hawish areas. Iraqi army soldiers and the Popular Mobilization Units are engaged in joint operations to take back militant-held regions.