Iranian Woman Whipped For Attending Party With Males


Baghdad: In a horrific incident of woman abuse, an Iranian woman was lashed for attending a party with male guests. The ‘crime’ was committed two years back.

Former journalist, Masih Alinejad’s Facebook page which fights for the freedom of Iranian women shared the anonymous’s woman’s tale on social media. The post is a part of her #NoToLashes social media movement, which describes the brutal account of how the woman was initially arrested, asked to strip and was whip 80 times.

“I will never forget the moment when the security forces stormed the house. Without even showing us any warrant, they raced into the house and they were all males. We were first [forcibly] taken to the police station in the neighbourhood. Afterwards, they took us to a clinic to test how much alcohol we had consumed. Then, we were driven off to a horrid place run by female officers where their treatment of us was actually worse than how males were treated,” the post has the woman as saying.

She also mentions how the female officers asked her to strip and taunted her for being dressed ‘inappropriately.’

Detained for over two days and signing some papers, the woman was summoned for the final verdict which was 80 lashes for consuming alcohol and participating in sinful(haram) activities.

She questioned the legitimacy of the final verdict.

“Outside of the prison, a dear friend was waiting and she was shedding tears for me. As I saw her, I wanted to scream, not out of pain, but because of the insults that I suffered at the hands of those agents. The nasty words that they uttered during the entire ordeal are indescribable. What is more shocking is that this is happening to me in my own country. Where in the world would people be exposed to such an objectionable treatment for being happy, for celebrating your friend’s birthday?”