Intolerance Prevailing In Country: HCU ABVP Leader


She is the newly selected president of ABVP in Hydrabad Central University. She has gained confidence by defeating the Leftists after eight long years. Now Arati Nagpal, the AVBP leader of HCU is a famous name in social media. She held Atalbihari Bajpayee as her idol.

Her exclusive interview to Sekhar Dubey, the representative of Kolkata 24×7. She is quite straightforward in each and every issue, be it Rohit Vemula, intolerance, her own love story or the ‘Bajrang’ group.

Q. After the death of Rohit Vemula ABVP was not at all in a good position in HCU. In such a scenario how much important is your victory, or the victory of ABVP?

Arati – For the last eight years we were the losers here. Every time alliance was created to fight against us. After the death of Rohit Vemula vote in the name of nation was started in the campus. In spite of so many adverse factors this victory is naturally very important as well as delightful.

Q. What kind of difficulties have you faced during election?

Arati – So many false propagandas were spread against us. It was said that women would lose their freedom and security if ABVP won. They called us the opponents of Dalit. We have taken time, but we have fought against every false propaganda.

Q. This victory has made you much popular in social media also.Your photos are being shared. How is your feeling?

Arati – ( laughs) Yes, you are right. Phone calls are coming form Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. This is really amazing. 10 days ago when I was fighting, this social media was used to scandalize me.

Q. Social media was used to scandalize you! How?

Arati – It was declared in Facebook as well as other social media that I belong to a higher class Hindu Facist Brahmin. Even in campus this was spread also. I was bound to go to the Election Commission. But their plans were reversed. Arati Nagpal is now a known name to those who did not know her earlier.

Q. Why ABVP?

Arati – ABVP or RSS speaks about nationalism. Their ideals are same with that of mine.

Q. What is the position of Muslims in the country of which you are speaking? And what is the position of Rohit Vemula?

Arati – All are equal to me. I am not concerned avout the caste of those persons whose votes chose me. As a head of ABVP in HCU I can say we don’t differentiate on the basis of caste and religion. Those who love the country, who are concerned about the welfare of the country, the country belongs to them.

Q. The opponents call BJP and ABVP ‘ Bhakt’ and ‘Sanghi’. It is also said that the back benchers in schools and colleges work for ABVP. But you are doing Phd in Psychology. What will you say?

Arati – I am proud to be a Bhakt(with laugh).
Actually the Leftist Students organization love to belittle us. But this is right that BJP works for and with the backward people of society and country.

Q. You are a representative of the youths in our country . Do you think that intolerance exists in india?

Arati – No I don’t think that India is intolerant. But there is intolerance here. Specially some organizations create unrest. They do vote politics making castism an issue. If you ask them questions they call you ‘bhakt’. They want to suppress the women.

Q. Rohit Vemula committed suicide in HCU campus. ABVP and BJP were held responsible. What will you say?

Arati – As the matter is now under legal procedure, I don’t want to tell anything about it. I just want to tell that the ABVP, which was made villain after the death of Rohit, has undergone a great change. Students and common people will understand that they had been wrong in their thinking.

Q. 2019 Loksobha Election is coming. In which position do you want to see yourself in politics?

Arati – I am not at all thinking about future. In the year coming I want to do my duty correctly. If I become successful and then if the party thinks me a deserved candidate for any election in future I will certainly be there.

Q. Women are still uninterested in active politics. What message will you give them?

Arati – The problems of women can best be expressed by women themselves. So women should come forward. It is not right to speak of equal rights, but not to do it in action.

Q. Kanhaiya Kumar is a much-talked-about leader of the student organizations of the Leftists from JNU. Some think you to be Kanhaiya’s direct opponent on behalf of ABVP. What do you think about it?

Arati – Oh god! I don’t understand such comparisons. I don’t want to come in the news for the reason that brought Kanhaiya ji into the limelight.

Q. You have been invited to the Fourth Health Congress that is going to be held in Spain. What will you say about it?

Arati – Yes, you are right. On 15 November the Fourth Health Congress is going to be held. I am taking preparations for that. In 2012 I was honoured with the title of “Young Psychologist of the Year”.

Q. You run an organization named ‘Sahara’. Can you tell something about it?

Arati – You know even this(with laugh)! When I was pursuing M.Sc, a close friend of mine committed suicide out of frustration. Being a student of Psychology I started an online organization named ‘Sahara’. In today’s busy world no one is there to listen to you. So people are getting depressed. Trust me, half of a person’s disease is cured if one listens to his or her problems.

Q. One personal question, have you got married?

Arati – Yes, six months ago.

Q. Love or arranged?

Arati – Love marriage. We had been in a relationship for eight years.

Q. As you had been in a relationship for a long time, you must have dated before marriage. You are certainly aware that the members of some Hindu organizations including the ‘Bajrang’ group are beating unmarried couples in park and in riverside. Do you want to say something?

Arati – (laughs)I myself have dated many a times before getting married. I know some organizations are against this. But love is legal in our country and an age-old concept. Besides, the Indian constitution also allows love marriage. Supreme court has even made homosexuality legal. I don’t agree with the announcement of Bajrang or any other group that prohibited couples from park or any other place.