Internet Is Now Divided Over Colour Of Shoes


It’s been two years since the colour of #TheDress, which some saw as blue and black and others thought was gold and white, became the most fiercely debated issue across social media.

And now #TheDress has found a sequel in a pair of Vans sneakers. The Internet is divided into two camps – those who think the shoe is pink and white and others who say it’s grey and aqua – with each trying to prove the other completely wrong.

Then, there is the third set of people who can see the colours shift before their eyes.
“It started as mint and gray.. then you said they are actually pink and white and it was like a switch flipped, and now I can see both,” Facebook user Pamela Stromley commented.

Tonya Hinton’s comment echoed what most are thinking. “Omg…my eyes are playing tricks on me! I don’t know the right answer!” she said on Facebook.

An original, unmanipulated image of the pair shows that the footwear is really pink and white.
But why does this happen?

“It comes down that the way that human eyes have evolved to view colour in a world where the main source of light is sunlight,” according to a report.

“We see the objects around us because light bounces off them and back onto our retinas. The brain has learnt to register what colour the actual light source is and then subtract that colour from the actual colour of the object,” it added.

In case of the shoes, some people’s brains are trying to get rid of the aqua and gray tones – so they will see white and pink – and some are trying to get rid of the white and pink, which means they’ll see aqua and gray.

The dress that appeared blue and black to some and gold and white to others, turned out be conclusively blue and black.