International Tea Day: 5 Kinds Of tea & Its Health Benefits


If there’s one cup of something that can refresh you, give your taste buds a joyride and keep you fit, it’s the good old tea.

Here’s a beverage that the world borrowed from Asia, especially China and India, and took to like fish to water. Currently, many tropical and sub-tropical regions across the globe have taken to cultivating this herb to meet the global demand for it.

There are many kinds of tea–especially now, with the rising popularity of infused teas. And all of them are powerful enough to give a kick-start to the gloomiest of days. But today, on International Tea Day, we choose to focus on five kinds of tea, and the amazing benefits you can reap from them.

Black tea
Black tea is extremely low in caffeine, which is why it’s very good for circulation, and oral and bone health. A cup of this tea can help boost your immunity system and moisturise your skin naturally. So, who wouldn’t want a cuppa?

Green tea
With its subtle flavours and antioxidants, green tea has become a favourite with tea connoisseurs. Brewed at a lower temperature for less time, green tea is extremely beneficial. It improves brain function, accelerates fat loss and lowers the risk of cancer. And that’s why you should have at least two cups of green tea every day.

Oolong tea
Also known as wulong tea, oolong tea has a caffeine content ranging between that of black tea and green tea. It’s extremely fragrant and refreshes you just with its aroma. It is known to increase your mental alertness, and prevent tooth decay, osteoporosis and heart diseases.

White tea
The most delicate of all teas, white tea is appreciated for its subtlety, complexity and natural sweetness. They are hand-processed, and will generate large amounts of caffeine when brewed for longer periods of time. It also has antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, which help maintain good health and even better skin.

Chamomile tea
Basically derived from a herb which originates from blooming daisy plants, chamomile tea has a calming effect. It has been recommended for ages because it cures everything from stomach cramps and insomnia to migraines and allergies. If you haven’t taken to drinking it yet, this would be a good time to start.These are just some of the basic teas available in the international market. Nowadays, you can get a good blend in most stores, some that make customised infusions–like hibiscus or jasmine with normal black. And there are, of course, the add-ons–lemons, ginger and honey, for instance. The tea industry basically offers enough options to cater to every kind of palate.
So, forget coffee, and get a cup of refreshing tea already!

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