International School of Design 1st Time In Lake Town


Kolkata: International School of Design (INSD), Kolkata was launched recently with much fanfare amongst distinguished guests. International School of Design (INSD) made a promising beginning under the guidance of educationists and industry leaders a few years back. Having set their own challenging benchmarks and goals, they gradually climbed every step of the ladder. Now they have launched their latest centre in Kolkata, one of the hubs of fashion where designers crave to create a niche for themselves. Emerging careers in Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing, Diamond Grading and Fashion Stylist are the interesting trends now.

To grace the occasion of the inauguration programme, Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal, CEO, International School of Design (INSD), Ms. Ushoshi Sengupta, Former Miss Universe India, renowned Fashion Designer, Mr. Abhishek Dutta and Local MLA, Mr. Sujit Bose were present.

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About International School of Design (INSD):

International School of Design (INSD), a prominent player in the design education sector in the country having Fashion, Jewellery and Interior Design Schools Pan India has opened its center at Lake Town to harness the talent of Kolkata. International School of Design (INSD) is a National Award Winner for best college in India and it also has an Ultra-modern infrastructure. The classrooms are designed to bring the best from the students by nurturing their creativity, confidence and making them the future leaders of the Industry. Focused on the best in fashion and interior design, International School of Design (INSD)’s creative approach grooms students through strong academics and practical real world experiences. Core curriculum is developed by the industry experts with all other latest techniques and methodologies. Apurva Dokania and Aanchal Soni, Directors of International School of Design (INSD), Kolkata said, “We are very glad to have International School of Design (INSD) in Kolkata as all of us know that fashion and glamour has a connection with the City of Joy. Living up to our expectations International School of Design (INSD) is now one of the prominent players in the design education sector in the country and we have got them here to help the youth enhance their career in these industries.”