Intense Activity Spotted In New Nuke Base In N Korea


Pyongyang: Satellite images obtained by the website 38 North appear to show a build up on the western portal of the Punggye-ri nuclear zone.

According to the website, there has been “significant movement of equipment, mining carts, material and netting”. Mount Mantap’s west portal is a tunnel complex that so far has not been used by Pyongyang for its missile testing as fears increase over World War 3.

But the new activity could point to preparations for further launches, defying global calls for the regime to end its provocations and increasing fears of World War 3.

Tensions were particularly high this week as Donald Trump made a trip to Asia in a bid to ramp up opposition to the despot. Kim Jong-un’s military chiefs have used the northern side of the site for their most recent missile tests.

However, that is now thought to be out of action after the tunnels began to collapse in the wake of the blasts. North Korea detonated its first ever H-bomb in September, causing serious damage to the facility’s foundations.