Installation Of New Platform Screen Doors In Metro Are Underway

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Kolkata: To combat suicides at Metro stations the Metro Railway is all set to install platform screen doors.The first lot of platform screen doors for the East-West Metro have arrived from China and the work has already started in Karunamoyee and Central Park in Salt Lake.

The suicides may come to a complete stop by the end of this year.As the installation of platform screen doors at East-West Metro stations will deter those with suicidal tendencies and also prevent genuine commuters from losing their balance and falling onto the tracks.

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In Kolkata, crowding on Metro trains is also seen as a potential challenge to smooth operation. After a train arrives, a software signal to the platform doors will get all of them to open simultaneously with the coach doors. The control button to close the doors will be in the driver’s cabin. Cameras installed inside the train and across platforms will help the driver confirm whether passengers have disembarked and boarded safely.

All platforms will have insulation of up to 2.2m from the edge to ensure that even if someone touches the doors by lying down, electrocution won’t be a threat. There will be multiple trial runs to check the synchronization of train doors with those on the platforms, railway officials said.

The first phase of the East-West Metro is scheduled to become operational by October between the Sector V and Stadium stations. The curtailed route will have six elevated stations.