Instagram Star With an Eye-Popping 70 Inch Bum

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Atlanta: Body positive Instagram star Raylynn regularly uploads photos of her 70-inch behind, and she’s often accused of using Photoshop to make it look bigger.

Raylynn from Atlanta, Georgia, who boasts 122,000 fans on Instagram, regularly uploads photos of her curves – but is often accused of using Photoshop to make her derriere look bigger.

However, a new video – which has been viewed 133,000 times, proves the doubters wrong as the social media sensation dances around the room, shaking her famous curves. Perhaps the accusations of using digital wizardy to alter her photos come from the fact that Raylynn is not curvy all over.

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The top part of her body is much slimmer and she appears to be carrying most of her weight around her hips. Meanwhile she boasts a tiny waist and slim shoulders.

Last year, she posted a selfie one week after giving birth celebrating her almost flat tummy and lack of stretch marks, saying: ‘Few sit ups and I’ll be back to normal.’ Her proportions may be a result of the condition lymphoedema – a build up of fluid in the tissues, causing them to swell.


This can lead to aching, difficulty with movement and infection, and fans have made reference to Raylynn having the condition in comments on her photos.

However, the social media star is supremely confident and frequently posts messages about being body positive whatever your size and quotes such as ‘Hate only affects those who let it affect them.’