INS Kolkata Better Than Chinese Tupe-052D: Report


New Delhi: Kolkata’s one of the outstanding features compared to competitors Type-052D is a powerful electronic system that is heart phased radar AESA active electronically (EL / M 2248-MF-STAR 4) array radar antenna atop the tower, provides the ability to control a very large target. This type of radar is rated best in the world at present, it provides high image quality, interface, support for each weapon, weather conditions and difficult environments in the field of naval current and future. The radar is capable of tracking airborne targets too at sea and at the same time it is capable of retaliation with guided missiles for air and sea, anti-ship missiles, gunboats. EL / M 2248-MF-STAR has a very high accuracy and Comparable performance to radar AN / SPY-1D Aegis destroyer in the United States. Support for radar surveillance is the EL / M-STAR 2238. Both are 2 different types of radar made by Elta of Israel IAI manufacturing. Besides this, Kolkata is equipped with airborne radar surveillance LW-08 of the Thales group, France. Anti-submarine capability, Kolkata destroyers are also equipped with the new generation of the hydro-acoustic cover HUMSA-NG hull-mounted array and an array entail. Electronic warfare systems Deseaver MK II by Elbit Systems manufactures and combat data systems multi-objective EMCCA Mk-4 in India.

Horror called BrahMos ::

Brahmos missileAnother factor combining to create superior power for Kolkata destroyer weapon system to its best. Kolkata destroyers are equipped with 4×8 vertical launch system (VLS) using two types of air defense missile Barak-1 12 km range and medium-range missile interceptors Barak-8 which has a range of 70 km.Anti-ship missile BrahMos supersonic (above) completely outperformed the YJ-62 (below) for all the indices.Barak-8 missiles are capable of independent operation with very high and almost not dependent on the target system or navigation. This product is a joint venture between India and Israel, however, the development of this missile is happening quite slowly, much to influence the time taken to Kolkata destroyers to be fully operational.

On air defense capability, the Type-052D have an advantage over the anti-aircraft missile system range HHQ-9 (naval variant of the HQ-9) has a range of 150 km. However, this advantage of the Type-052D is not too large. The experience of the conflict in the recent past shows, winning unbeaten in air defense operations are often decided in the mid-range area. The most fearsome weapon of destroyer Kolkata is 16 vertical launch tubes using anti-ship cruise missile BrahMos PJ-10. These anti-ship missiles have the fastest speed in the world today with a range of up to 300 km. BrahMos is a deadly threat to any warship. Meanwhile, Type-052D using anti-ship missile YJ-62 with a 300 km range, subsonic speed. YJ-62 is certainly not comparable to the BrahMos on all indications.

About gunboats, Kolkata is equipped with 130 mm Russian gunboats, however then transferred to 76 mm using the French gunboat rate shot up to 220 bricks / minute. Type-052D’s gunboats are equipped with 100 mm has an advantage over the range, Kolkata also has an advantage on the RPM (Rounds Per Minute).

Armament and Aviation Facilities :

kkKolkata Class destroyer’s are equipped with 4 533mm torpedo tubes and two anti-submarine rocket launchers RBU-6000. There is also support of two anti-submarine helicopters Agusta Westland Sea King or HAL Dhruv. Meanwhile 052D’s Type-3 clusters are equipped with 2 torpedo tubes with the assistance of one anti-submarine helicopter Z-9C or Ka-28 (Russian). ASW capability of Kolkata destroyers prevails with the support of two RBU-6000 systems, Type-052D is lacking any this kind of system. On defense capabilities at extremely close range, Kolkata destroyers are equipped with 4 ultra-fast firing CIWS AK-630 . Meanwhile, Type-2 052D are only equipped ultra-range defense system Type-730 . Ability of extreme close-range defense of Kolkata is also supported by low-altitude air defense missile Barak-1, Type-052D Weapon systems also are limited than Kolkata in this maner. System dynamics of Kolkata and Type-052D are similar. Type-052D uses a propulsion systems and gas turbine-diesel mixture CODOG. Kolkata class destroyers are equipped with propulsion system COGAG (combined gas turbine engines).

From the specs above shows destroyers Kolkata India’s dominant than the Type-052Cs opponents of it, especially the Indian press every claim that using anti-ship missiles mounted to the free end leading passive radar can face Type-052Cs with 100% probability.

Source: Defence News

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