Inmate Murdered in Tihar jail


New Delhi: Highlighting the utter lapse of security again in one of the highly protected jail in India, an inmate was brutally stabbed to death by four other prisoners on Tuesday night.

Deepak a murder convict was allegedly attacked with sharp weapons in cell number four by four inmates identified as Satpal, Manpreet Singh, Riyaz and Saroj. They brutally stabbed Deepak, who succumbed to his injuries.

Police said that the incident was the result of internal feud between the criminals. An investigation has been launched by the authorities on the incident.

Earlier, Two prisoners named Faizan and Javed  fled the jail by jumping the wall of jail number 7 where they were lodged and managed to enter the compound of Jail no 8. They broke the wall and escaped through a nearby ditch. Faizan was later arrested by police while Javed has managed to escape.