Influential TMC Leader Wiped Out For Anti-Party Activity


Balurghat: Trinamool lens is magnifying the oppositions since saffron brigade is trying to grab Bengal. TMC is spotting those who are working for oppositions from the the team. Trinamool Congress has uprooted members to South Dinajpur.

TMC district president Biplab Mitra said in a press conferance in Balurghat, Being a member of TMC, Subhashish Paul has selected his family member as opposition candidate. He is working against TMC in many ways. He is threatening local people and candidates from TMC.

দলবিরোধী কাজের অভিযোগে বহিষ্কৃত দাপুটে তৃণমূল নেতা

He added on this, few people are acting as Mirzafar by manipulating information. Few are offering independent candidate being in TMC. He made a clear statement that those who will be in touch with Shubhashish Paul will be taken as an enemy.

In the same press conferance Arpita Ghosh said, Anti-party work will not be entertained in party. He said, he follows the ideology of Mamata Banerjee so it does not matter who is saying what to oppose party.