Influential MP To Leave TMC & Join BJP At Delhi

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New Delhi: Bankura’s Bishnupur’s MP Soumitra Khan is likely to leave TMC and join the BJP party. However, he still did not reveal when he will join BJP. Apart from him, 6 TMC MPs are likely to join BJP too.

On Tuesday, MP Soumitra Khan had lashed out at Bankura Bishnupur’s sub-divisional police officer (SDPO). He alleged that SDPO Sukamal Das wants to contest in the Lok Sabha elections. To fulfil his wish, the SDPO allegedly kidnapped his personal assistant Susanta Daw alias Gopi. He also alleged that after kidnapping him, he was disappeared.

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On contacting him, MP Soumitra Khan told kolkata24x7 that, “It is no more possible to tolerate the autocratic mentality of Trinamool Congress Youth president Abhishek Banerjee. Hence, I am leaving the party and will join BJP.”