Industrialists approach Guv to solve land issue


Kolkata: Although the Chief Minister had claimed that there are no issues over land recruitment for industries in West Bengal, the businessmen or the concerned industrialized have not had full faith in her words. As a result, the members of MCC Chambers of Commerce and Industries visited the Governor, Keshari Nath Tripathi on Thursday late afternoon to have a discussion regarding the issue.

The members have handed a memorandum to the Guv. Previously, the representatives of the industrial sector had informed about the difficulties and adversities faced by them to the CM and industrial minister. However, their meeting with the Guv has left many questions unanswered in the political sphere of the state. It is speculated that the businessmen have no longer faith in the state government.

However, Assistant Director, Subhasish Roy has denied any such speculation and has said it was just a mere courtesy visit to the Guv of the state.

They had put forward the main difficulties faced by them regarding getting the land. As per the rule more than 24 acres of land is not given. If a larger area is desired it has to be legalized by the lay under section 14 Y, which is not being sanctioned by the state government. In the given 24 acres one-third has been reserved for the ‘green corridor’ and another one-third for parking area.Hence the feasible area of land is much less for setting up factories.

The representatives have pleaded the Governor to increase the limit to 50 acres so that they get enough land for the purpose of industrialization. The Governor has also been informed about the less usage of jute by the centre. Due to which, the jute industry of West Bengal is suffering a great deal. This matter should also be looked into. These were some of the issues which were raised to the Governor for his intervention.