Indonesia plane crash kills one, injures five


Jayapura: A small passenger plane crashed on Wednesday in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua as it tried to land, killing one person and seriously injuring five, a rescue official said. The Cessna propeller plane operated by Indonesian company Komala Air crashed on the runway of Ninia airport in Yahukimo district, local official Ludiatno told AFP. There were six people on the plane when it went down. A technician was killed, while the pilot and the four passengers suffered serious injuries, including broken bones. The injured have been taken to hospital.

Ludiatno, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, said bad weather was thought to have caused the crash. An AFP journalist in Papua said there were strong winds when the accident happened.The plane was flying from the town of Wamena in Papua. Light aircraft are commonly used for transport in remote, mountainous Papua, and bad weather has caused several accidents in recent years.