Indonesia Earthquake: 82 Dead, Search Still On For Survivors


Jakarta: At least 82 are dead in Sunday’s magnitude 7 earthquake that shook the
island of Lombok. It was followed by strong aftershocks.

Rescuers are searching for survivors in the rubble of houses, mosques and schools that were among the buildings which got destroyed.

According to national disaster agency spokesman, “The search and rescue team is still scouring the scene and evacuating (people). We estimate the number of victims will rise.”

Soon after the powerful earthquake, a tsunami alert was sounded but was later cancelled. The residents and tourists spent the night in terror as strong aftershocks including one of 5.3 magnitude continued.

The quake was followed by power outage in many areas.

A week ago, a 6.4 magnitude had left 17 people dead with a damage to hundreds of
buildings and also trigerred landslides which briefly tracked trekkers on popular mountain hiking routes.