‘India’s Space Technology Still Lags Behind The US’


Beijing: Noting that the record launch of 104 satellites in one-go by ISRO on Wednesday was an achievement to be proud of, Chinese media reminded India that it was still miles ahead with regards to its space technology.

According to reports, the Chinese tabloid Global Times said, “On the whole, India’s space technology still lags behind the US’ and China’s. It has not yet formed a complete system.”

It added, “India’s Achilles’ heel is its relatively small economic scale and a weak foundation for national development. As a hierarchical society, it has both world-class elite and a largest number of poor people.”

India does not have any astronaut in space, and its plans to build and international space station has not yet materialised, the editorial noted. Pointing out that India had the largest number of poor people in the world the paper also cited that the country did not have rockets powerful enough for space explorations.

“Space technology race is not mainly about the number of satellites at one go. It’s fair to say the significance of this achievement is limited,” it claimed.