India’s Solar Mission Aditya To Be Launched By 2020


New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organisation’s plan to launch its satellite, Aditya, to study about the sun will materialise by 2020, Mylswamy Annadurai, director, ISRO Satellite Centre at Bengaluru, has said.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, Mr. Annadurai, after inaugurating the INSPIRE – DST Science Camp at VOC College, said Aditya, the first Indian mission to study the sun, would be launched in 2019 – 2020. Preliminary works for this mission are progressing as planned.

The Chandrayan II, which would be launched with Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle in 2017 – 2018, would land on the moon to conduct a range of tests. The ISRO, which has planned to launch 70 satellites within the next four years by launching a satellite every month, would launch a weather satellite, INSAT 3DR, in September, GSAT-8 in October and Resourcesat 2 A in November, he said.

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