India’s PSLV all set to launch five U.K satellites


Chennai: India’s Polar Satalite launching Vehicle (PSLV) will be taking its 30th flight from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, on July 10 with the heaviest payload (1,440kg) ever for a commercial launch.

The three satellites have been built by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL). Each of the satelites weighs 447 Kgs. The three identical optical earth observation satellites (DMC3) will be launched by PSLV-C28.

Along with the three satelites the PSLV will also carry a micro and nano satellite both for the U.K.

ISRO spokesperson Deviprasad Karnik said, “”India has established itself as an efficient commercial launch pad for foreign satellites. This is the heaviest payload for a commercial launch. A successful PSLV-C28 launch would give a big boost to Isro’s commercial launch capabilities.”

The satelites will be launched into a 647km sun-synchronous orbit. Riding piggyback on them would be two auxiliary satellites from the UK, CBNT-1, a 9kg technology demonstrator earth observation micro satellite built by SSTL, and De-OrbitSail, a 7kg technology demonstrator nano satellite built by Surrey Space Centre.