India’s ‘Mallu Cyber Group’ Hacks Several Official Websites Of Pakistan


New Delhi: After the announcement of ‘no ceasefire’ by India government during Ramzan, several set of bullet pelting took place in Jammu & Kashmir. Pakistani troops targeted BSF army and civilians in a retaliatory action. But death of an eight-month-old boy has agitated people throughout the country. Indian hackers have hacked Pakistan official website to take revenge.

The incident is reported to have taken place on May 21 when the eight-month-old Nitin Kumar was sleeping with his family outside their home in Pallanwala sector along the LoC. Indian cyber group “Mallu Cyber Soldier” started hacking several official websites of Pakistan government.

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Each of the hacked websites poping up with ‘Vandemataram’. The cyber attack took the slogan “Justice for Nitin Kumar”. They have issued special message which states,”Killing of 8 month child, Is it a gift of Ramzan ?” They gave a straight answer of the question saying, “We are silent but we will never forget.”

They said targetting Pakistan, “pakistan army done it again they murdered a 8-month-old baby “Nidithin”, only cowards can do this act, once again Pak army shows what they really are…”

In violation of a ceasefire agreement Firing from across the border took place in several areas along the Line of Control (LoC) and the International Border (IB), drawing effective retaliation from the Indian troops. She said the attacks came when Ramzan had just begun and the people of the state had heaved a sigh of relief after the central government announced an unilateral halt to security-related operations in the state during the holy month.