Indians Receive The Highest Number Of Spam Calls


New Delhi: India is ahead of USA, Brazil and South Africa in the number of spam calls received by users every month. The average Indian user receives 22.6 spam calls every month, according to an analysis by Truecaller, one of the most popular caller identification and management applications. The caveat here is that the users analyzed have Truecaller installed on their mobiles.

India slides in higher than Brazil and USA (20.7 each), Chile (17.4) and South Africa (15) in the spam league tables. At the lower end of the list are Kenya (7.7), UAE (8.2) and Greece (8.3). The analysis further reveals that telecomoperators, debt collection, banks, political calls, health, telemarketing, financial service and insurance are the common types of categories of spam callers.

In India the top spammers are telecom operators, which account for 54% of junk calls. “Many of these operators are seeking to provide special offers for free data, or unlimited calls. Which doesn’t sound so bad – until you get bombarded by them,” a blog post on Truecaller’s website said.

Nuisance calls, telemarketing and financial service calls form the next greatest volume of spam calls accounting for 20%, 13% and 9% respectively. Nuisance calls are a broad category that are prank or harassment calls while telemarketing calls are promotional calls from companies, surveys, robo calls, new client outreach for services, subscriptions, etc.