Indians Prefer ‘Made In India’: PornHub’s Annual Report


New Delhi: A year-in-review report by the leading adult content website, PornHub, ranks India as the 4th biggest consumer of porn among countries worldwide. Last year, the PornHub report had ranked India 3rd.

And it seems that even with porn, Indians prefer ‘Made in India.’ The report says: “The majority of searches (top, relative and gaining) include ‘Indian’. One top term that came seemingly out of nowhere to make it into the top 10 list was ‘Indian aunty with young’, flying up to the top by 81 spots.”

About 30% of the visitors from India were female. Interestingly enough data says there are more female visitors down south than in the rest of the world.

The term ‘Lesbian’ dominated women’s top searches, while the top searched term by men, according to the PornHub report was ‘MILF’ closely followed by “anything and everything related to the step family.”

A majority of Pornhub’s visitors were millennials and the percentage drops significantly as one climbs up the age brackets. However, geography also matters. In India for example, the proportion of viewers between 18 and 24 is much higher that compared to a country like Spain.