Indians Including Kolkatans Are Resistant To Antibiotics: ICMR


Kolkata: Antibiotics – these remarkable drugs are capable of killing off biological organisms in our body without harming us.

However, two out of three healthy persons in India have antibiotic-resistant organisms in their digestive tracts, according to a study published by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The study was based on analysis of stool samples of 207 individuals who had not taken any antibiotics for at least a month and did not suffer from any chronic illness.

Recently, a report published by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said that the digestive organism is the main reason behind the failure of antibiotic’s usage. According to report, do not complete the course of medicine, Enjoying occasional antibiotics are becoming antibiotic resistant due to closure of medicines.

Dr. Rajkanti Singh Choudhury, consultant physician MD (medicine), said that there was no time antibiotic. At that time it was difficult to fight with the disease. It was a pre-antibiotic era. We have now been in the post-antibiotic era. Certain types of antibiotics are not working in every human body. The numbers will increase further in the coming days.

Antibiotics are used in animals to treat infections, for growth promotion using sub-therapeutic levels, and for prophylactic purposes to prevent disease. There are high levels of antibiotic resistance in veterinary sectors. Resistant bacteria in animals can spread to humans in several ways.