Indians On Google Moon Mission To Blast Off National Anthem

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New Delhi: Bangalore-based Team Indus, the only Indian entrant in an international Google contest for landing a rover on the moon, will start its countdown to the space race worth $30 million in prizes with an anthem to be released on Monday.

For the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, the Indian aerospace startup will have to successfully place a robot on the moon that will move around for at least 500 metres and send back high-definition videos and images back to earth.

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The anthem for the Indian team composed by music director Ram Sampath. Sona Mohapatra and the band Sanam will sing the anthem #HarIndianKaMoonshot. She said a test would be conducted next month for the robotic launch.

The deadline for the $30-million (about 1946 million rupees) Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge, announced in September 2007, is March 2018.

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There are about 120 people involved in the TeamIndus mission of whom 24 are retired ISRO scientists.

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Five finalist teams, TeamIndus (India), SpaceIL (Israel), Moon Express (USA), Synergy Moon (International) and HAKUTO (Japan) are in the race, the website said. The grand prize is worth $20 million, and there are two other prizes of $5 million each, it said.