Indian Student Found Dead in Russia

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New Delhi:  India has sought a probe into the death of an Indian medical student after he was attacked by unidentified people in a Russian city while on a business trip, a senior government official said on Thursday.

Yaasir Javed, hailing from Srinagar, died on March 8 after being comatose following the attack earlier this month in Kazan city of the Tatarstan republic.

“The Indian embassy has sought an investigation into the circumstances leading to the death of an innocent person and the filing of a criminal case,” external affairs ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup said at a media briefing here.

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Giving details of the incident, Swarup said that Javed was on a business trip for participation in a local trade exhibition in Kazan. Javed reached Russia on February 26 and was allegedly attacked by some unknown people on March 3.

“A team from the embassy of India was immediately sent to Kazan. They are presently there assisting in expediting the documentation formalities for transfer of the mortal remains to India as soon as possible,” Swarup said.

“The embassy team met officials at the hospital, the investigator of the case and the police department to facilitate the early release of the body and to ensure proper investigation of the case,” he said, adding that the Russian foreign ministry has also been approached to help release the body.

The victim’s brother has gone to Kazan and the body is expected to be brought to India by Friday, the spokesman said.