Indian ships are not being able to enter Aden


Aden: Indian Navy ships INS Mumbai and INS Sumitra are not being able to enter the main port in Aden. According to the Navy sources, rescue operation is being conducted from outside the port. The political condition of Yemen is so volatile that all the Indians over there want to come back to their country.

Already 450 Indians have reached their homeland by INS Sumitra. Both the ships are waiting at the Red sea. 30 to 35 Indians are being brought to INS Mumbai in 12 small boats. The al-Mukalla port is under the control of al-Qaeda due to this reason the navy ships are not being able to reach the port.

The Indians are facing a lot of problem due to this. Nearly 1000 Indians have so far been recovered from the war torn country. Nearly 3000 Indians are still stuck in the war torn country.

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